Creating an experience that appeals to a large audience requires a lot of effort. It involves taking a step back and putting ourselves in the shoes of people who are looking for something exciting, yet affordable, in their local area. This process requires careful consideration and attention to detail.

Independent Jones aims to be a community leader in creating memorable events that cater to all demographics. Indie Jones was created out of a love of community & want to give our community events they could feel good about supporting while including the whole family. There are many ways that make events special for us:

1. Family/friends bonding: We enjoy seeing our guests have fun & enjoying their time with each other. When we see people staying for the evening or spending a morning with us, we know that our goal of showing you a great time has been a success.

2. We can feel it when we “hit the mark” on a great event when attendees email us or thank us when the event is through, It makes the blood sweat, and tears worth it all. Your shoutouts indicate that our efforts were appreciated and that the event met or exceeded expectations.

3. Some of our events that support meaningful causes or have a positive impact on society can be special to promoters who prioritize social responsibility and giving back. We enjoy knowing that through your community support & our work, we are all building a better tomorrow as a community.

Ultimately, what makes an event special to a promoter can vary widely based on their individual priorities and the specific goals of the event. Successful promoters often balance financial considerations with their passion for creating memorable and unique experiences for attendees.